Who is Elijah Malik’s Mom?


My Real name is Erika, but you can call me Reika –a nickname (that I love) given by somebody from my past.

I am Elijah Malik‘s mom before anything else. #priorities

I am a solo parent, a single mom.

I’m a self-confessed frustrated singer and fiction writer.

Currently working as an IT Helpdesk for Albertsons – Safeway INC, a chain grocery store in the USA.

I try to travel if and when I can.

I love almost everything JAPAN (my favorite country)

Takuya Kimura is my ichiban.

I’m a Detective Conan fan.

I collect Tony Tony Chopper stuff (keychain, plushies, etc.)


I love my son more than the world itself.


A Breastfeeding, baby-wearing and a co-sleeping mom. 🙂


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