(Images Taken by Teacher Gee) I went to the same event last year. I saw lots of people who I saw last year. I have more pictures now, lol. I have a few complaints though, still I enjoyed the event very much. The only complain I have is the line actually, the process of getting … More #ADNFESTIVAL2017

Zanne (21 and 22)

21. Fierce “Why can’t you accept the fact that I’ve fallen in love with you? What’s so wrong with that?” Richard asked. “Dei, I love you. I am in love with you.” “Richard, stop. Just stop.” Nicomaine stood up and walked to the door. “You can go now. NOW!” She said opened it and gestured … More Zanne (21 and 22)

Untouched (tbc…)

Entry for AmaCon #A4Day3 Prompt: Fire and Ice   Each time Richard touches anything, they burn, they turn to ashes in just a matter of seconds. His touch is like Midas’, minus the gold. All his life he has tried his best to avoid causing trouble. When he was twelve, he accidentally burned down their … More Untouched (tbc…)