SNS / Update in General

こにちはみなさん。 Hello, everybody.   So this post is really not that important. This is a personal eme I have. LOL. I decided to list down all the social media stuff I manage aside from this blog. You can find me in all of this by using my universal username “reikableu” Facebook – Personal Twitter – Personal Instagram – Personal Livejournal – Mostly for Takuya Kimura and SMAP Discord – I mostly use for Japanese related stuff and chat   I also have accounts created for Weibo, PandoraTV, Gyao, XimalayaFM and BiliBili and all these are being used for Takuya Kimura … Continue reading SNS / Update in General

“FREE” WiFi Locations around BGC

So, I decided to list down certain spots or locations in BGC where you can connect to a FREE WiFi for either an hour or so. I know this may sound cheap, but why pay if you can get super fast internet connection for free? LOL. I work near the Burgos Circle area and I was not aware of these spots until my ever gorgeous sister told me about them. So let’s start。(はじめましょ。) Bonifacio Stop Over – this one is nearest my work place. They offer an hour free access DAILY. There are times though that the WiFi is down, … Continue reading “FREE” WiFi Locations around BGC

My Son’s 4th Birthday

My son’s birthday was last July 29, we had a very simple celebration for his day.   Reason why I was blogging it? It was due to the fact that my son requested everyone to take pictures with me, which rarely happens. Most of the time what you’ll hear from him was “Do don’t take pictures of me”. My son wanted to have the camera on selfie mode yet he wants it on timer. He asked me to place it somewhere where he can see his face and he calls the attention of who ever he wants to be with … Continue reading My Son’s 4th Birthday


(Images Taken by Teacher Gee) I went to the same event last year. I saw lots of people who I saw last year. I have more pictures now, lol. I have a few complaints though, still I enjoyed the event very much. The only complain I have is the line actually, the process of getting into the venue. God. It was tiring and it was irritating. Not the fault of the organizers, it still is because of the attendees. It seemed that they left their manners at home. Some people just lets other people get in line with them even … Continue reading #ADNFESTIVAL2017