Keizo (Main)

So last Friday, 07/13/2018 I had my sister wait for an hour because of traffic. LOL. She was treating me to Japanese. She was really furious, but it’s not really my fault. ごめなさい。 So we went to Keizo. It has two branches in BGC. One is just “Keizo” the other is “Keizo Gastro Pub”. We went to just Keizo as we always see a Japanese chef near the resto and we think he’s the owner as well. Him being there all the time meant that he is very hands-on. It’s a very small resto right in front of UCC (Burgos Circle). … Continue reading Keizo (Main)

Jipan Cafe & Bakeshop

Restaurant: Jipan Cafe & Bakeshop Zomato Rating: 3.7/5   They have different types of makimono, sashimi, noodles (ramen and soba), rice meals (gyuudon, katsudon, omu rice). They also sell different kinds of breads.   They do not really have a space to eat inside the cafe, their dining area is in the hallway of the mall. So if you don’t want people walking around and looking at you while you are eating then this cafe might now be good for you.   My sister and I just shares food, because we are poor. LOL. We ordered a regular Omu Rice … Continue reading Jipan Cafe & Bakeshop