Suisho no Kodo (2016)

Native Title: 水晶の鼓動 殺人分析班 Also Known As: Crystal's Beat: Murder Analysis Squad , Crystal's Beat , Suisho no Kodo Satsujin Bunsekihan , Suishou no Kodou , Crystal's Beating MDL rating: 8.1 You can download the RAW from here (courtesy of DarkAngel)and the subs from here. To get subs you need to join D-Addicts. WARNING!! May... Continue Reading →

Currently watching: Grand Maison Tokyo

Originally written for Link to the article is right here. Hello, I'm back again with another Dorama from Takuya Kimura.  This time it is entitled Grand Maison Tokyo.  I watch the episodes both RAW and with Hardsubs.  It currently has 3 episodes aired. It airs every Sunday at 9 PM Japan Time. To be completely honest, when... Continue Reading →

Masquerade Hotel Review

For a short video review please head on to my YT account, right here. This movie is rated 8.1/10 via MDL. Native Title: マスカレード・ホテル Also Known As: Masukaredo Hoteru Where to download? Please head on to my YT video and the download links are at the description. 🙂 LOL. Kidding. Joudan! Here's the raw download... Continue Reading →

2 Movies with Unhappy Ending

So I recently saw Fortuna's Eyes and Louder, I can't Hear what You're Singing, Wimp!(I know such a long title. lol) and kind of dawned on me that Japanese movies aren't scared to give their viewers a sad ending. Yes, both movies didn't have a happy ending. I always wonder why that it the case?... Continue Reading →

Why Kakegurui is a MUST watch?

This article is originally written for , you can find the article on their site here. This copy is unedited. 🙂   I also did a video review which you can find here.   WARNING! May contain spoilers!   Brief synopsis from MDL:  Hyakkaou Private Academy is a prestigious institution for the privileged, which... Continue Reading →

Samurai Marathon 1855

Native Title: サムライマラソン Also Known As: Samurai Marathon This is rated 7.5/10 via MDL. You can download this from RJGMAN56's page, here. I will do my best not to put spoilers. TRY being the operative work. LOL.   So I was anticipating Samurai Marathon too, though not as much as I did with Kakegurui. I was also... Continue Reading →

Kakegurui Movie

Native Title: 映画 賭ケグルイ Also Known As: Eiga Kakegurui The movie is rated 8.7/10 via MDL. It's not yet available online, so I'll update this post when it becomes available.   Let me tell you right away that I LOVE this movie! I've been anticipating to watch it. As I mentioned in my EigaSai PH 2019... Continue Reading →

EigaSai PH 2019

So i attended this year's #EigaSaiPH2019, it is the 22nd year of the Japanese Films Festival, it's my second time attending. Last year was my first, when I saw Tori Girl. My sister and I still decided to go to the event even if it is raining so hard, all for my love of Minami... Continue Reading →

Ishi No Mayu

Native Title: 石の繭 殺人分析班 Also Known As: Ishi no Mayu Satsujin Bunsekihan , Stone's Cocoon: Murder Analysis Squad , Stone's Cocoon This is rated 8.1/10 via MDL. You can download the raws from here and the sub from D-Addicts, right here.   As always, WOWOW never fails to amaze me! I will write this review,... Continue Reading →

Ikemen Desu Ne

Native Title: 美男ですね Also Known As: You're Beautiful Rated 7.5/10 via MDL. You can download it from here.   WARNING: SPOILERT! Let me tell you guys straight that I did not like it as much as I wanted to. Same as how I felt with Buzzer Beat, I wanted to like it but I just... Continue Reading →

A Summer Day, Your Voice (2015)

Native Title: 夏ノ日、君ノ声 Also Known As: Natsu no Hi, Kimi no Koe This is rated 7.1/10 via MDL. You can download this, hardsubbed, from RJGMan56' site, here. WARNING: SPOILERT!! It was a sad story and it had a very promising start. Unfortunately towards the end it started to get very cliche-ish with the parents not... Continue Reading →


Native Title: ガリレオ There are a total of 5 dorama and eigas for this title. Galileo (2007) is rated 8.1 via MDL, Galileo Episode Zero (2008) is 7.9, Suspect X (2008) is 8.2, Galileo XX (2013) is 8.3 and Galileo 2 (2013) is 7.9. There is another one entitled A Midsummer's Equation which is at 8.0... Continue Reading →

Innocent Days

Native Title: イノセント・デイズ Also Known As: Inosenta Deizu This is rated 8.1/10 via MDL. You can download the raw from here and the ENG SUBS from here. (Registration is required.) Please leave a thank you to HPriest's post or her twitter account.   The series is not as heavy as Hokuto but it's as emotional. Like... Continue Reading →

Radiation House

Native Title: ラジエーションハウス〜放射線科の診断レポート〜 Also Known As: Houshasenka no Shindan Report You can download it from here: This is rated 8.6/10 via MDL.   On MDL there are mixed reactions about the drama but I'm actually OK with it.   Good side:  I like the casts. I love how they interact. I believe they have a... Continue Reading →


Native Title: アタル Also Known As: あたる Native Title: ATARU スペシャル〜ニューヨークからの挑戦状!!〜 Also Known As: ATARU Supesharu~New York kara no Chousenjou , ATARU Special~Challenge from New York!~ Native Title: 劇場版 ATARU THE FIRST LOVE&THE LAST KILL ATARU 2012 is rated 8.0/10 via MDL. ATARU The First Love & The Last Kill is rated 7.7/10 via MDL.... Continue Reading →

Unmasked Noise (2017)

Native Title: 覆面系ノイズ Also Known As: Fukumenkei Noise , Anonymous Noise , Fukumenkei Noizu Download it from Furransu's LJ here. Both raw and English subs are there. You may need to join her community though. Rated 7.8/10 via MDL.   A story of a dense guy and a dense girl. lol.   Seriously. This story is... Continue Reading →

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