Gift (Update)

Native Title: ギフト You can download the raws from here and get the subs from D-Addicts here. For the subs, you have to be a registered user. Now, this is rated by IMDB with 8.7/10, it was rated 7.4/10 2 years ago. It's also rated 7.3/10 via MDL. I originally have written, sort of, something about Gift when... Continue Reading →



Native Title: シュート! Also Known As: Hit The Goal This movie is rated 5.8/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.0/10 via MDL. You can get a copy of this movie with subtitle from this live journal account, you would have to join the community first.   Man, they all look so young. all 6 S.M.A.P.... Continue Reading →

Space Battleship Yamato

Native title: 宇宙戦艦ヤマト Also Known as: Supesu Batorushippu Yamato , ヤマト Rated 6.1/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.2/10 via MDL. You can watch it from here.   I re-watched it because I added it as a part of my 2018 Watch Challenge on MyDramaList. IMHO, I really did not like it very much. I did not like it's... Continue Reading →

Wakamono No Subete

Native title: 若者のすべて Also Known as: All About Young People , Stay Gold   This is actually rated high via IMDb, it was rated 8.3/10 and it was rated 7.5/10 via MDL. I actually had a hard time finding this one, I got lucky that I found one with ENGLISH subs though the first 4 has GREAT sub, the... Continue Reading →

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