#Reika58HoursInTaiwan – Final

This is the 4th, final entry for my Taiwan experience. Please head here, for the first part. Here, for the second part. Here's the third part. So... The day has come to return to reality. I woke up early, at around 6am. My flight was 10:30 AM as they said I have to be at... Continue Reading →

#Reika58HoursInTaiwan –Part3

This is the 3rd part of my Taiwan experience. Please head here, for the first part. Here, for the second part. On my second day in Taiwan, I was all alone. Alone but not lonely. LOL. I had a whole list of places that I'm supposed to go by joining the TourMeAway walk tour but... Continue Reading →

Ambon-Ambon Falls

Ambon-Ambon Falls We recently visited a small falls in Laguna. It is situated in Panguil Eco Park, Panguil Laguna. From Makati / Pasay, you can ride a DLTB Bus to Sta. Cruz Laguna and you go down to their terminal. You then cross the street and hail for a jeepney with the signboard Sinoloan and... Continue Reading →

Mt. Maynuba and Mt. Cayabu

We, my friends and I, just finished a twin hike. Destination was Tanay's Mt. Maynuba and Mt. Cayabu. It was considerably an easy climb. Traversing only took a total of 8 hours. We also visited 8 different connecting falls on the way down. It was all worth it.    

Laiban Falls 11.12.2017

  Nov 12, 2017 I invited She, Riva, Au and my best friend Mari to go on another adventure. We joined the #ByaheNiRay organized tour. We payed 999 each for the van, food, shirt, guide and other fees. This is my second event with them, the first one was Mt. Ulap. So we went to... Continue Reading →

Twin Hike 7.19.2017

Mt. Pimintian and Mt. Binicayan is situated in Montalban Rizal. They are out of 11 mountain in that area. Both are over 400 MASL and are rocky terrain. They definitely have wonderful view. I will be posting here the shots I took. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK is the phone I used to take the... Continue Reading →

Majayjay (Taytay) Falls

A/N: This trip happened even before I got this blog, so this is a late post again.   So my best friend invited me to join their day trip to Majayjay Laguna. They're gonna visit the Taytay falls. Since the date she mentioned fell on my rest day, I decided to join them. I brought... Continue Reading →

Mt. Ulap (Photos)

You'll definitely fall in love with the beauty of the mountains.   This is related to my travel log about Mt. Ulap. Here are more of the photos I snapped.   Still captured by my Xiaomi Redmi Note4 MTK 3/64GB Variant with Stock Camera App + the default HDR.   No post-processing done.   Feast... Continue Reading →

Mt. Ulap Itogon, Benguet

This is the very first time I climbed a mountain and traversed completely. I've climbed Mt. Banahaw multiple times but as my best friend said "You did not even climb 1/4 of it.". Yeah, I've climbed just about 1/8th of the way, every single time. So February 27, 2017 was the very first time i... Continue Reading →

Mt Ulap Hike – rescheduled

Well, I was supposed to be hiking, with my best friend, Mt. Ulap in Benguet later today. Unfortunately the schedule has been pushed further until February 26 due to an incident that occurred earlier.   So the "incident" was that NPAs (New People's Army) in Baguio decided to burn two mining trucks of a certain... Continue Reading →

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