Last Friends

I just recently finished watching a 2008 Dorama entitles Last Friends. I decided to write an article at My Drama List regarding the show. The article is about why I HATE and LOVE the dorama.   Please be aware though that there will be spoilers on the article.   Please head on to the site,... Continue Reading →


Waterboys 2011 SP

Native Title: ウォーターボーイズ Also Known As: Wotaboizu Rated 7.7/10 via MDL. You can download this from   This is a very simple and cute story about a swimming team who became a synchronized swimming team. From 1 person to a whole class. It very simple but was a fun watch. The characters are very... Continue Reading →

Akka (2014)

Native Title: 悪貨 Also Known As: Bad Money , Evil Currency   This is rated 7.6/10 via MDL. You can get the RAW from and the ENG Subs are available via D-Addicts.   This is another gem from WOWOW. This network never failed to amaze me. This series is another short yet meaningful drama,... Continue Reading →


Native Title: 北斗 ある殺人者の回心 Also Known As: Hokuto: Some Murderer's Conversion , Hokuto Aru Satsujinsha no Kaishin , Hokuto ~ Aru Satusjinsha no Kaishin This is rated 8.6/10 via MDL. You can download the RAW via and the subs at D-Addicts here.   Let me ell you right away that this movie was heavy,... Continue Reading →

Kageri Yuku Natsu

Native Title: 翳りゆく夏 Also Known As: Summer Gets Dark , Kageriyuku Natsu , A Fading Summer This is rated 8.1/10 via MDL. You can download this from, the mkv has embedded subs, multiple languages. Note: I cannot believe I did not write about this as soon as I finished watching it, this is one... Continue Reading →


Native Title: 真犯人 Also Known As: The Real Culprit Series ratings on MDL, 8.0/10. You can download the raw from here, just get the 480 one's. Subs are available at D-Addicts here. Reminder, you need to register to get the subs. Let me say right away, WOWOW dramas never disappoint. Or at least, those that... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Night

Native Title: ストロベリーナイト Ratings: 2010 SP 8.1/10, 2012 Drama 8.1/10, 2013 Movie 7.9/10, 2013 SP 7.5/10 You can download the SP, drama, movie and SP from here. The subs should be linked there too. Yep, that's the order of how you should watch it, WARNING: SPOILERT!! Before I saw any of these, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Kasuka na Kanojo

Native Title: 幽かな彼女 Also Known As: Kasu Kana Kanojo , Faint Her , Ghostly Girl Rated 7.8/10 via MDL. Please send me a message on twitter if you want to get a copy of the raw and the subs.   A teacher who can see ghosts? How cool, or uncool, would that be? Here Shingo... Continue Reading →

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