Five Japanese Actors and Actresses with Filipino Heritage

Originally written for My Drama List. Here’s the link. Below is the original and non-proof read copy.   ++++++   Have you ever wondered if any Japanese actors or actresses has the same descent or heritage as you? Have you ever thought of how cool it would be when you share the same heritage as your favorite actor or actress? I’ve had the same question. Since I am of a Filipino descent I’ve been a bit curious to know if there are Japanese actors/actresses with Filipino descent just like me. So here I am now, after a few researches, listing … Continue reading Five Japanese Actors and Actresses with Filipino Heritage

Takuya Kimura’s Hair Style Evolution

Article Originally written and posted for MyDramalist. Here’s the link.   +++++   So here I am writing something about Captain Takuya Kimura again. I wanted to do an updated version of the Stalker’s Guide but felt like I am not ready for that yet. So I decided to go with this one. In my previous article, dragynfaerie said and I quote: You’re not wrong, you’ve just come up short. 5- His hair. 6- His walk. OMG he has swag. I love his walk. It makes me want to jump him from behind. I did not include his hair in that article as it deserves … Continue reading Takuya Kimura’s Hair Style Evolution

I wonder.

I wonder. Have I ever told you how I felt about you? Have you ever heard me tell you that I love you? Would you believe me if I tell you now how I feel? It probably wouldn’t make any difference as I know you’re happy with who you are with. I know I am sure of what I am feeling. Though I do not know why I even have this feeling for you. You are not a permanent figure in my life. Never have. You come and go. When they came they never seemed to want to leave. Whatever … Continue reading I wonder.

My long overdue APOLOGY and Thank you letter to you

I know what I’m gonna say won’t make any difference anymore I know you are happy and I am glad that you are I just have to get all these things off my chest I just had to let you know I just want you to know how sorry and thankful I am Sorry, Sorry I destroyed the portrait of me you drew. I was scared. You captured me so well I didn’t know how I’d feel. If I can go back in time I’ll pick them from the trash and keep it. Sorry, as there are a lot of … Continue reading My long overdue APOLOGY and Thank you letter to you

Zanne (21 and 22)

21. Fierce “Why can’t you accept the fact that I’ve fallen in love with you? What’s so wrong with that?” Richard asked. “Dei, I love you. I am in love with you.” “Richard, stop. Just stop.” Nicomaine stood up and walked to the door. “You can go now. NOW!” She said opened it and gestured for Richard to go. “You know Dei, even if you throw me out that window -” He said pointing at the huge window across the room “- it won’t change the fact that I have fallen in love with you, that I am in love … Continue reading Zanne (21 and 22)