Just a dream

My eyes fluttered open, “It was just a dream” I muttered. Like every good memories of you and me, It was just a dream.   The feel of your touch on my skin, How your lips tasted on mine, The sweet way you whispered my name I cried “Damn! It was all in my dream”.   The long walks with you, The talks and laughters we shared, Was as it all a part of my memory? Or were they really just a dream?   How I wanted not to wake up anymore, I wanted to stay asleep I wanted to … Continue reading Just a dream

Hey you

Hey you, I’ve got something to tell you. I’ve said it a lot of times and I will say it again. I AM SO OVER YOU. Yeah, you probably heard it from me a few million times already And I will keep repeating it until it comes true. I will keep repeating it until I can look at you smiling, my smile, towards her. I will keep repeating it until I can smile and tell you that I’m happy that you found your forever. I will keep repeating it until I get tired of being stupid. Yes, ’til I get … Continue reading Hey you

Girl In the Mirror

Girl In the Mirror wrote this a few years back… Feb. 12, 2007 I hope you like this… Here it goes…. Girl In the Mirror I see a girl in the mirror crying; The tears in her cheeks, continue falling; Reminiscing what happened in her past; Happy things she thought would last. I wish I know how to stop her; And tell her to get herself away from anger; To tell her the past she should now forget; Even the very day that they met. If the mirror could just speak; It’ll tell her not to be so weak; It’ll … Continue reading Girl In the Mirror

Badtrip naman o

Written: Jan 09, 2017   Bakit ba lagi kang pumapasok sa panaginip ko? Bakit ba trip na trip mong guluhin ang isip ko? Taon na ang lumipas nung huli kang nakita; Pero bakit nakaukit pa din sa isip ko; hilatsa ng mukha mo, gago!   Bakit iba pa din ang kabog nitong puso ko, makita ko lang ang pangalan mo? Bakit iba pa rin ang pintig neto, sa tuwing nakikita ang larawan mo?   Ano bang mahika ang meron ka? Alam ko puso mo’y may iba nang laman, Ngunit damdam ko’y di mapigilan.   Akala ko ang nalimot ka na … Continue reading Badtrip naman o

Moon calls

Written: Jan 09, 2017   I’ve never seen the moon so beautiful, Not when you were still around, When you left; there ‘s nothing more ethereal, there’s nothing more divine. Well, now I will take the plunge. The moon’s beauty is calling out to me. It urges me to jump into oblivion; It calls me to walk right over, It entices me to let go. I can hear it singing, A melodious tune it brings; I can hear it’s voice It’s calling out my name; I can hear it whispering, Sweet nothings to my ear; I can hear the moon’s … Continue reading Moon calls