Just a dream

My eyes fluttered open, "It was just a dream" I muttered. Like every good memories of you and me, It was just a dream.   The feel of your touch on my skin, How your lips tasted on mine, The sweet way you whispered my name I cried "Damn! It was all in my dream".... Continue Reading →


Hey you

Hey you, I've got something to tell you. I've said it a lot of times and I will say it again. I AM SO OVER YOU. Yeah, you probably heard it from me a few million times already And I will keep repeating it until it comes true. I will keep repeating it until I... Continue Reading →

Girl In the Mirror

Girl In the Mirror wrote this a few years back... Feb. 12, 2007 I hope you like this... Here it goes.... Girl In the Mirror I see a girl in the mirror crying; The tears in her cheeks, continue falling; Reminiscing what happened in her past; Happy things she thought would last. I wish I... Continue Reading →

Badtrip naman o

Written: Jan 09, 2017   Bakit ba lagi kang pumapasok sa panaginip ko? Bakit ba trip na trip mong guluhin ang isip ko? Taon na ang lumipas nung huli kang nakita; Pero bakit nakaukit pa din sa isip ko; hilatsa ng mukha mo, gago!   Bakit iba pa din ang kabog nitong puso ko, makita... Continue Reading →

Moon calls

Written: Jan 09, 2017   I’ve never seen the moon so beautiful, Not when you were still around, When you left; there ‘s nothing more ethereal, there’s nothing more divine. Well, now I will take the plunge. The moon’s beauty is calling out to me. It urges me to jump into oblivion; It calls me... Continue Reading →

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