Japanese Performers (Singers) I like

I've been listening to Japanese songs since I was young because I love Anime and Japanese songs are something you cannot disregard especially the OSTs.   I decided to list down the Japanese SOLO and GROUP singers and/or performers that I like. The list will be in no particular order but I will make a... Continue Reading →


10 Japanese Movies and Doramas I wished had another season

Originally written for MDL, link to article can be found here. Links are within MDL. Images has been removed. Have you ever watched something so good you wanted another season or a sequel, just so you can continue to watch it and see your beloved characters? Or have you ever seen something so bad you... Continue Reading →

Just a dream

My eyes fluttered open, "It was just a dream" I muttered. Like every good memories of you and me, It was just a dream.   The feel of your touch on my skin, How your lips tasted on mine, The sweet way you whispered my name I cried "Damn! It was all in my dream".... Continue Reading →

Hey you

Hey you, I've got something to tell you. I've said it a lot of times and I will say it again. I AM SO OVER YOU. Yeah, you probably heard it from me a few million times already And I will keep repeating it until it comes true. I will keep repeating it until I... Continue Reading →

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