Brother’s Friend

Native Title: 兄友 Also Known As: Ani Tomo , My Brother's Friend This is rated /10 via IMDb and is rated 6.7/10 via MDL. You ca download  the subbed version from RJGMAN56 which you can download here or you can check his dailymotion account here. There is a 4 part-prequel for this movie, with the... Continue Reading →


BL Movies I’ve seen so far

So BL or Boys Love is a movie or drama about Boy's falling in love with each other. So basically gay themed. So far I've only seen 3 of them. So let me talk about those I've seen. Let me start with my least favorite. Candy and Kiss. this is a story about a guy... Continue Reading →

Legal V

Native Title: リーガルV〜元弁護士・小鳥遊翔子〜 Also Known As: リーガルV , Legal V 〜Moto Bengoshi Takanashi Shoko〜 This is rated 6.2/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.5/10 via MDL.   You can get the raws from and the subs are available at subscene (just search for legal v and get the ones with AOZ) just look for... Continue Reading →

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