Enoshima Prism

Native title: 江ノ島プリズム Also Known as: Enoshima Purizumu       I was convinced to watch this because of its theme, time travel, and because I read the spoilers. I wanted to see how bad Sota Fukushi’s acting was. LOL.   So yeah, Sota’s acting in this movie is quite bad. His facial expression looks almost the same for every mood. But the other actors compensated for what he is lacking. Good thing that after 5 years since this movie was produced, I believe, he has improved a lot.   The value friendship in this movie was so beyond expectations. I cried … Continue reading Enoshima Prism

Platina Data

Native title: プラチナデータ Also Known as: Purachina deeta , Platinum Data It was rated 5.7/10 via IMDb, quite low if I may say so and is rated 8.1/10 via MDL. You can watch it from here.   The story line is very interesting to me as I am a fan of sci-fi. And this one did not disappoint me. The movie was a mixture of the future and the present. Future because of DNA profiling and the present because of Kagura’s situation.   All the actors did great and I did not imagine Nino being a good actor. This is the first movie I … Continue reading Platina Data


Native title: アンナチュラル Also Known as: Annachuraru , Unnatural Death   This is rated 8.2/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.8 via MDL. Watch it from here. I first saw Ishihara Satomi in From Five to Nine with YamaP. and I was smitten by her beauty. Her role there is not as deep but I enjoyed it. Here in Unnatural Satomi was able to show her acting prowess and she did very good. This drama proved how versatile she is. She can deliver whether it is drama or comedy. All the casts were good. And they all were able to deliver properly.  They all stuck … Continue reading Unnatural

Five Japanese Actors and Actresses with Filipino Heritage

Originally written for My Drama List. Here’s the link. Below is the original and non-proof read copy.   ++++++   Have you ever wondered if any Japanese actors or actresses has the same descent or heritage as you? Have you ever thought of how cool it would be when you share the same heritage as your favorite actor or actress? I’ve had the same question. Since I am of a Filipino descent I’ve been a bit curious to know if there are Japanese actors/actresses with Filipino descent just like me. So here I am now, after a few researches, listing … Continue reading Five Japanese Actors and Actresses with Filipino Heritage

Jigoku Shouju

Native title: 地獄少女 Also Known as: Hell Girl   Rated 7.7/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.2/10 via MDL. You can watch it from here.   The quality may not be the best, but I enjoyed the story as a whole. I have not watched or seen the manga as a whole but I this this Live Adaptation tried its best to keep the soul of the manga alive. I like the characters representation and the darkness that the story entails.   Do i recommend to watch it? Yes though it may not be for everyone’s taste.   Ps: I like Enma … Continue reading Jigoku Shouju