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Akko’s Secret

Movie: Akko's Secret Romaji: Eiga Himitsu no Akko-chan Japanese: ひみつのアッコちゃん   A story that revolves around make-ups / cosmetics and magic. I really don't know how I'd feel when I started watching this movie. Until now, that I finished it already, I'm still unsure how I'm supposed to feel.   Since it's a fantasy themed movie,… Continue reading Akko’s Secret

JDorama, Movie Review


Original Title: L♥DK English Title: L♥DK, Love Cohabitation Roomaji:  Rinkyo Dōkyo, ラブ同居     I don't know if I liked Kento's role here, though it has been the same as the other roles he's done in the past, he smiles more here (YAY!) but he's more aggressive. Too aggressive. WHO THE HECK PUSHES A GIRL TO ROLL OVER… Continue reading L♥DK

JDorama, Kimura Takuya #KimuTaku, Movie Review


English Title: Love and Honor Nihongo title: 武士の一分(いちぶん) Roomaji: Bushi No Ichibun   Takuya Kimura's role in Love and Honor is a lot different than all the other characters he has portrayed in the past. Even with Oda Nobunaga, being a historical drama is the only comparison they have.    As usual, he did a very… Continue reading LOVE AND HONOR

JDorama, Movie Review

​Black Butler Kuro Shitsuji

Roomaji Title: Kuroshitsuji English Title: Black Butler Nihongo: 黒執事   I have not seen the anime or the manga yet. So I had to ask somebody to give me a quick introduction of who Sebastian is, what he is or if he's really a butler. So I found out that he is a demon who bargains… Continue reading ​Black Butler Kuro Shitsuji