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All-round Appraiser Q: Mona Lisa’s Eyes

Native title: 万能鑑定士Q モナ・リザの瞳 Romaji: Bannou Kanteishi Q Monariza no Hitomi English Title: All-round Appraiser Q: Mona Lisa's Eyes     The story was nice. Ayase  was a great actress. I was engaged and it made me think.   I felt lacking though, I hope they explained further how she became an appraiser. I cannot… Continue reading All-round Appraiser Q: Mona Lisa’s Eyes

JDorama, Movie Review

ReLIFE リライフ

If given the chance to go and change your life, would you take it?   Native title: ReLIFE リライフ   This is a manga / anime adaptation and I have not seen any of the two. I actually enjoyed the movie as it is. It's not cliche. I liked the chemistry of the cast they used.… Continue reading ReLIFE リライフ

JDorama, Movie Review

One Week Friends

Native title: 一週間フレンズ。 Romaji:  Isshuukan Friends.; English Title: One Week Friends Ohh... I would like to voice out right away that Kento played a different role than what he always portray. Good thing, because if he played another one of those aloof bad guy roles I'd probably stop watching anything with him. So I was relieved, very.… Continue reading One Week Friends

JDorama, Movie Review

Strobe Edge

Native title: ストロボ・エッジ Romaji: Sutorobo Ejji Also Known as: Strobe Edge   WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!! It was a good watch actually. This is a "nice person story". Why? Well all the characters, almost all, are very nice. Let me tell you why... The main lead, Ren is very nice he decided to fulfill his promise to his… Continue reading Strobe Edge

JDorama, Kimura Takuya #KimuTaku, TV Series Review

Tsuki No Koibito

Native title: 月の恋人 Romaji Title: Tsuki No Koibito Also Known as: Moon Lovers WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! This series stars my forever love, Kimura Takuya, as a President of a big furniture company named Regolith. He has three woman in his life, isn't he lucky? You could see clearly from the beginning that Ren is very… Continue reading Tsuki No Koibito