One Week Friends

Native title: 一週間フレンズ。 Romaji:  Isshuukan Friends.; English Title: One Week Friends Ohh… I would like to voice out right away that Kento played a different role than what he always portray. Good thing, because if he played another one of those aloof bad guy roles I’d probably stop watching anything with him. So I was relieved, very. … More One Week Friends


Original Title: L♥DK English Title: L♥DK, Love Cohabitation Roomaji:  Rinkyo Dōkyo, ラブ同居     I don’t know if I liked Kento’s role here, though it has been the same as the other roles he’s done in the past, he smiles more here (YAY!) but he’s more aggressive. Too aggressive. WHO THE HECK PUSHES A GIRL TO ROLL OVER … More L♥DK

Jinkusu!! (Jinx)

Note: I honestly had a hard time writing this.   Spoiler Alert!!   English Title: Jinx!! Nihonggo: ジンクス!!! Romaji: Jinkusu!!!   This movie’s maine characters are played by Kento Yamazaki as Yusuke and Kurumi Shimizu as Kaeda. This also stars a Korean actress Yoon Ji-Ho as Hyomin. This movie is not really the best, and it’s not overly … More Jinkusu!! (Jinx)