Jinsei wa Jojo da

Native title: 人生は上々だ Also Known as: Life is Good , Friends in Need     You can get it from this Livejournal link, you’d need a LJ account first though and join the community. Series doesn’t seem to be in IMDb’s database. It was rated 7.2/10 via MDL.   Wow! I’ve been looking for Takuya Kimura older films and/or dramas. I’m so glad I found this with ENG subs. Thank heavens.   This is the only spoiler I will give out for this series: TAKUYA KIMURA WILL END END UP WITH THE GIRL HE LIKES.   This film was back produced 1995.  And you’d … Continue reading Jinsei wa Jojo da

Fly Boys, Fly!

It was rated 6.3/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.0/10 via MDL. Download it from here, though you’d need a livejournal account. First off, let me tell you how surprised I am to find a copy of this with english subtitle unexpectedly. I tried looking for it before but I unable to find it. A few days ago I was checking a website archive for JE talents and stumbled upon this movie.   I was happy to have found it, since I am trying my very best to watch all Takuya Kimura dramas and movies. Since this was produced and release in 1995, … Continue reading Fly Boys, Fly!

BG: Personal Bodyguard

English Title: BG: Personal Bodyguard Native title: BG~身辺警護人~ Also Known as: BG: Shinpen Keigonin You can watch it from here. This is rated 6.9/10 by IMDb and is rated 7.8/10 via MDL. As you everybody probably know by now (if you’ve read a few of my entries involving Captain Takuya), I watched this mainly because of Takuya Kimura. But I’ve got to be honest, I actually enjoyed the drama. I love the cast. I like the chemistry of all the casts, they all match. I also noticed that Nanao seemed to have worked with Captain Takuya before ( A Life), … Continue reading BG: Personal Bodyguard

Kyosokyoku (1996)

Native title: 協奏曲 Also Known as: Concerto; Sakkyoku; This has no records that I can find via IMDB, but it was rated 6.2/10 via MDL. No streaming site seemed to have picked this one up, so if you want to watch it you can download it here.   To begin with, I only watched this because of Takuya Kimura. This is really one fucked up story. How can anyone just turn a blind eye when you see your partner with your own eyes making out or kissing another guy, not just once but twice? Then you even blame yourself as to why … Continue reading Kyosokyoku (1996)

Asunaro Hakusho

English Title: Ordinary People Native title: あすなろ白書 Also Known as: Asunaro White Paper ; Asunaro Confessions ; Rated 7.4/10 by IMDB and is rated 7.0/10 via MDL. I cannot find any site to stream it, so if you want to watch this, please download it from this site. Honestly I only decided to watch this because of Takuya Kimura. Since I am a completionist (if there’s such a word) I wanted to make sure I watch every TV show, TV Dramas and Movies he has that I can find online. So this is a story is about friendship formed during … Continue reading Asunaro Hakusho