Twin Hike 7.19.2017

Mt. Pimintian and Mt. Binicayan is situated in Montalban Rizal. They are out of 11 mountain in that area. Both are over 400 MASL and are rocky terrain. They definitely have wonderful view. I will be posting here the shots I took. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK is the phone I used to take the shots using the default camera app with HDR enabled. @reikableu Advertisements Continue reading Twin Hike 7.19.2017

Mt. Ulap Itogon, Benguet

This is the very first time I climbed a mountain and traversed completely. I’ve climbed Mt. Banahaw multiple times but as my best friend said “You did not even climb 1/4 of it.”. Yeah, I’ve climbed just about 1/8th of the way, every single time. So February 27, 2017 was the very first time i completely traversed a mountain.   Mt. Ulap is located in Itogon Bunguet. It’s about 1846m above sea level. We started out ascend at around 5 am, everything was still dark. the first part was a bit hard for me as it really is very steep. … Continue reading Mt. Ulap Itogon, Benguet