My son against Pneumonia and Dengue (Final)

He has not had fever, only his cough left. So on the 6th night, we were given the doctor's permission to go home. Finally! Yay! The total bill was Php 35,255.00. Wheew!! Php 10,500.00 of the bill was paid off first by PhilHealth, the a government health care agency and the rest was covered by... Continue Reading →


My son against Pneumonia and Dengue (Part 2)

We've been here 3 night (technically 48 hours ++) and his fever still comes back every now and then from th afternoon till Night, and his cough is still quite bad. Today is Jan 05, 2019 SAT 2:08 AM MNL. Earlier this morning (yesterday morning) while he's using the nebulizer I asked if I could... Continue Reading →

My FIRST Hand sewn Yukata

So since United Nations is just around the bend, I have been looking for a Japanese attire for my son. I wanted the "real" one and not those karate-do style clothes they pass up as Japanese national costume. I've always believed that Kimono is the actual and true to life Japanese national costume. So I... Continue Reading →

My Son’s 4th Birthday

My son's birthday was last July 29, we had a very simple celebration for his day.   Reason why I was blogging it? It was due to the fact that my son requested everyone to take pictures with me, which rarely happens. Most of the time what you'll hear from him was "Do don't take... Continue Reading →

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