My Son’s 4th Birthday

My son’s birthday was last July 29, we had a very simple celebration for his day.   Reason why I was blogging it? It was due to the fact that my son requested everyone to take pictures with me, which rarely happens. Most of the time what you’ll hear from him was “Do don’t take pictures of me”. My son wanted to have the camera on selfie mode yet he wants it on timer. He asked me to place it somewhere where he can see his face and he calls the attention of who ever he wants to be with … Continue reading My Son’s 4th Birthday


I am glad that you don’t notice my sadness. I wanted to be sure you see me as somebody happy. Hyper – the term you used. But deep inside I am broken. Broken as a shattered glass. Only your presence can makes me feel better. Even a little attention from you goes a long way. I feel a little better even though inside I am completely incomplete. -Erika Continue reading よかた!

The man in and of my dreams

I dreamt of you again. How I wish the dream was real. I wanted to sleep again so I could continue reading a 4 page letter you wrote for me. I cannot remember much of it though. Bere’s what I can remember. We were in a ship, I don’t know why. I was with friends and I am not sure who you were with. But when I saw you there my emotions just kept pouring and I can’t stop crying. I guess you saw my tears. I think I also sang a song for/to you and that’s the reason why … Continue reading The man in and of my dreams

First Pole Dancing Experience.

So yesterday (September 16, 2017 )was my first time to try pole dancing, or at least the basic of the sport. I really did not dance. LOL. We came to the studio, Point.Flex.Stretch, before our schedule of 7:30 PM MNL and there was still an ongoing class. So, me and my sister, watched first. They gave a free trial so my sister signed me up for it as well.   Looking at it, you’d see that it is hard but trying it proved that it was harder than I thought. Even the warm up part made my body ache, probably … Continue reading First Pole Dancing Experience.