Smartphone buying decision

So by the end of January 2020 my Xiaomi Note 5 plus will turn 2 years old and I plan to buy a new one and give this to one to my father. I'm now having a hard time deciding which phone I should get. I'm thinking of sticking with Xiaomi phones, or should I... Continue Reading →

My son’s birthday celebration

We had a simple celebration for his 5th birthday. He was so happy with his presents which made me happy too. We got him a cake with a candle. We didn't know it was a relighting candle. Lol. It was so funny. Here are some clips and still from our simple gathering.   @reikableu

My son’s dirty ears

I've never been able to clean my son's ear since he went pass the age of 2. He doesn't want anybody putting anything inside his ears. Now the fill in his ears are quite bad already and it REALLY needs to get cleaned now. So day before yesterday I had my sister try to clean... Continue Reading →

PITX Experience

So I got to experience PITX for the first time. LOL. PITX is basically a bus terminal. I am not in total agreement with this scheme as I'm not fond of doing multiple ride and then paying more, even if it's just a buck or two. Yeah I'm kuripot like that. So since I was... Continue Reading →


So after 30 years of existence I encountered my very first sprain. I twisted my ankle on my way home from work. It took about 2 months before it actually stopped hurting but there was no fracture. Time jump to last Saturday morning, I sprained my ankle again. I decided to sleep in our quiet... Continue Reading →

My FIRST Hand sewn Yukata

So since United Nations is just around the bend, I have been looking for a Japanese attire for my son. I wanted the "real" one and not those karate-do style clothes they pass up as Japanese national costume. I've always believed that Kimono is the actual and true to life Japanese national costume. So I... Continue Reading →

My Son’s 4th Birthday

My son's birthday was last July 29, we had a very simple celebration for his day.   Reason why I was blogging it? It was due to the fact that my son requested everyone to take pictures with me, which rarely happens. Most of the time what you'll hear from him was "Do don't take... Continue Reading →

Diet + waist train

Day 1: I've been doing a no rice diet for over a week now. Today is the first day of my waist training. Tthis was a gift by my lovely and generous sister (Eiza). Wish me luck! This waist trainer was purchased by my sister via Chickflick on FB or via their site I'll... Continue Reading →


I am glad that you don't notice my sadness. I wanted to be sure you see me as somebody happy. Hyper - the term you used. But deep inside I am broken. Broken as a shattered glass. Only your presence can makes me feel better. Even a little attention from you goes a long way.... Continue Reading →

The ORGANIC route

Today (Sep 15, 2017) I started my organic journey. 2 days ago I decided to go organic upon seeing a youtube video regarding getting your UA (underams) white again with no chemicals used. I wandt to give it a try since my UA became darker than it normally was when I got pregnant and it... Continue Reading →

Leading Man of my Dream

To the leading man of the dreams. Hi. Yeah, damn you! Why do you always visit my dream? What is it with you? Why do you always remind me of your existence? It's just freaking heavy. Seeing your smile directed towards me, feeling your arms around me, you kissing my cheeks, you calling me your... Continue Reading →

Journey to 65 kls

So when I was about 19 or 20 years old I only weigh about 48 kilos. And just after about 10 years, I now weight 75 kilos. Of course I already had a son, so bearing him added to my weight gain. I now decided that it's time to lose weight though I do not... Continue Reading →

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