Diet + waist train

Day 1: I’ve been doing a no rice diet for over a week now. Today is the first day of my waist training. Tthis was a gift by my lovely and generous sister (Eiza). Wish me luck! This waist trainer was purchased by my sister via Chickflick on FB or via their site I’ll post n update every now and then to see if there is any results. @reikableu Advertisements Continue reading Diet + waist train


I am glad that you don’t notice my sadness. I wanted to be sure you see me as somebody happy. Hyper – the term you used. But deep inside I am broken. Broken as a shattered glass. Only your presence can makes me feel better. Even a little attention from you goes a long way. I feel a little better even though inside I am completely incomplete. -Erika Continue reading よかた!

I wonder.

I wonder. Have I ever told you how I felt about you? Have you ever heard me tell you that I love you? Would you believe me if I tell you now how I feel? It probably wouldn’t make any difference as I know you’re happy with who you are with. I know I am sure of what I am feeling. Though I do not know why I even have this feeling for you. You are not a permanent figure in my life. Never have. You come and go. When they came they never seemed to want to leave. Whatever … Continue reading I wonder.

The man in and of my dreams

I dreamt of you again. How I wish the dream was real. I wanted to sleep again so I could continue reading a 4 page letter you wrote for me. I cannot remember much of it though. Bere’s what I can remember. We were in a ship, I don’t know why. I was with friends and I am not sure who you were with. But when I saw you there my emotions just kept pouring and I can’t stop crying. I guess you saw my tears. I think I also sang a song for/to you and that’s the reason why … Continue reading The man in and of my dreams

My long overdue APOLOGY and Thank you letter to you

I know what I’m gonna say won’t make any difference anymore I know you are happy and I am glad that you are I just have to get all these things off my chest I just had to let you know I just want you to know how sorry and thankful I am Sorry, Sorry I destroyed the portrait of me you drew. I was scared. You captured me so well I didn’t know how I’d feel. If I can go back in time I’ll pick them from the trash and keep it. Sorry, as there are a lot of … Continue reading My long overdue APOLOGY and Thank you letter to you