The Lost Bread

Note: I rarely write something about food, this will just be the second time. So earlier today I went to SM Megamall to meet the toy seller from whom I bought my choppers. So after I met her and paid, lol, then I went on my way to The Lost Bread, I believe it is a French cafe, where I made a reservation using Eatigo with a 50% discount. I did not set any kinds of expectations because I don’t want to be disappointed. So I took the menu and decided to order the French Toast Cubes. It has different … Continue reading The Lost Bread

AT Organics – Lippen – Lip Tint

So, as you may have seen in a few of my previous blog entries. I am trying my very best to switch to organic products. So upon reading blogs and searching Instagram I found AT Organics Lip and Cheek Tints called Lippens. You can find them on Instagram, btw. They are said to be made of organic materials, no chemicals. So I decided to buy 2 shades, Cherry and Rose. Cherry is the darker one. Rose, of course, is the lighter one. I like them both as lip tints though Cherry lasts longer. If it was applied properly it can … Continue reading AT Organics – Lippen – Lip Tint

Human Heart Nature Product Review

I’ve hauled LOTS of Human Heart Nature products these past few days. And I love all of them. So here’s a quick review of some of their products. Let’s start with the shampoo and conditioner. I chose the purple ones which is the “Strengthening PLUS“. The conditioner I don’t have any complaints. I like its consistency and the way it feels on my hair while in the shower (applying it) and after (when it dries). My hair feels smooth. The shampoo I like as well except for its consistency. It’s a bit more on the watery side. You’d have to … Continue reading Human Heart Nature Product Review

The Trouble With Men (Book Review)

Wheew! This is the first time I’m gonna be doing a book review. I’m not at anyway a “real” book reviewer, I just felt like I had to write something about this book I got from a friend. I signed up to be a part of their ARC (Advance Reading Copy) reviewers, so here it goes. The Trouble With Men is a book anthology containing 5 different stories from 5 Pinay author’s. You go girls!!   Let’s start with the cover. It was bright, catchy and good for the eyes, my eyes at least. Plus the concept of it gave … Continue reading The Trouble With Men (Book Review)