English Title: Sky Of Love Native title: 恋空 Romaji: Koizora     It was rated  7.12/10 via IMDb, and was rated 8.2 / 10 via MDL. PLEASE do watch it here.   **SPOILER AHEAD**   “Good girls tends to gravitate towards bad boys, eh?” that was my very first though after just a few minutes of … More Koizora

Akai Ito

Native title: 赤い糸 Also Known as: Akai Ito English Title: Threads Of Destiny; The Red Thread; Well, for starters I do not get the ending, AT ALL. And then I found out that there is a another version of this, a drama series, and that this is just like a summary of the series. I would PROBABLY watch … More Akai Ito

Tsuki No Koibito

Native title: 月の恋人 Romaji Title: Tsuki No Koibito Also Known as: Moon Lovers WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! This series stars my forever love, Kimura Takuya, as a President of a big furniture company named Regolith. He has three woman in his life, isn’t he lucky? You could see clearly from the beginning that Ren is very … More Tsuki No Koibito

The Black Devil and the White Prince

Native title:  黒崎くんの言いなりになんてならない Also Known as:  I’m Not Just Going to Do What Kurosaki-kun Says; I Won’t Do What Kurosaki-kun Tells Me To Do; Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai; I watched the whole series. 2 episodes then the movie.   It was an ok series/movie. I liked the friendship aspect in both Haruto and Takumi’s case … More The Black Devil and the White Prince


English Title: Liar Game Japanese: ライアーゲーム   I went through Seasons 1, 2, Zero, the Final Game, X, Fukunaga vs Tokoya, Alice in LIAR GAME and Liar Game reborn in just a few days, probably over a week or two.   Liar Game is a story that revolves around lies, deceit and betrayal. The question … More LIAR GAME