Hammer Session!

Native title: ハンマーセッション! Also Known As: Hanmâ sesshion! Rated 7.4/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.8/10 via MDL. You can watch this series from here.   I still can’t believe that Mockomichi is a haifu, he’s Half Japanese and Half Pinoy. He’s so tall. LOL. He is a great actor, seeing him as a lead again after watching Zettai Kareshi made me really happy. He and the rest of the cast did a great job with this series. I honestly loved this more then Gokusen (but I still love Yankumi) as this story focuses more on how he help the students overcome … Continue reading Hammer Session!

Drops of God

Native title: 神の雫 Also Known as: Les Gouttes de Dieu , Kami no Shizuku   This is rated 6.9/10 via IMDb and 6.7/10 via MDL. You can watch it from here.   Kamenashi played the son of somebody who is know for his wine expertise and collection. When Shizuku’s father dies he left a will that leaves his 2 billion worth of wine collection to the person who will diacover what the 7 “Apostles” are. These apostles are wine. Shizuku is somebody who gave up on wine because of his father. He then eventually decided to compete not to get the inheritance but to … Continue reading Drops of God

Omukae Desu

Native title: お迎えデス。 Also Known as: Omukae Death   It was rated 7.3/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.0/10 via MDL. You can watch it from here.   I watched this because Sota Fukushu was in it. I did not expect anything when I downloaded it. Then I decided to read the plot, it was actually a weird one and I kind of like weird. LOL. I’m glad I watched it because I actually enjoyed it. The concept was different and unrealistic but it somehow felt relatable in an unsual way. It has comedy, romance, drama and a little action along with … Continue reading Omukae Desu


English Title: Sky Of Love Native title: 恋空 Romaji: Koizora     It was rated  7.12/10 via IMDb, and was rated 8.2 / 10 via MDL. PLEASE do watch it here.   **SPOILER AHEAD**   “Good girls tends to gravitate towards bad boys, eh?” that was my very first though after just a few minutes of watching this movie. And I did not read any reviews or plots about this movie before I watched it. All I know is that it was not a happy ending. After watching it. It was painful indeed, painfully beautiful. This story goes over 100th Love … Continue reading Koizora

Tsuki No Koibito

Native title: 月の恋人 Romaji Title: Tsuki No Koibito Also Known as: Moon Lovers WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! This series stars my forever love, Kimura Takuya, as a President of a big furniture company named Regolith. He has three woman in his life, isn’t he lucky? You could see clearly from the beginning that Ren is very manipulative individual, though he can manipulate me anytime. LOL! All the while I though he would end up with Xiu Mei but I am glad that he didn’t. I am so glad he ended up with Ninomiya. She has been there for him, watching his … Continue reading Tsuki No Koibito