Takuya Kimura related files

I’ve decided to download (from Bilibili and GYAO) and re-upload Takuya Kimura related videos on a dedicated MEGA account. Most videos will be his various TV guesting. I will try my best to get 720p video quality or higher. The FLOW program I get from an app called XimalayaFM and the files are being uploaded by user WhatsupTAKUYA (probably the same person who uploads Takuya Kimura related videos and pic on weibo)

Most videos downloaded from Bilibili are cut into several parts, especially if it’s long, I’ll have to merge it first before uploading it on MEGA.

I also share the link on SMAPxMedia.Livejournal.com, a community that shares SMAP related stuff. I’m hoping that somebody decides to sub them as my Nihongo is really bad at the moment I can only understand bits and pieces.

This page is mainly a compilation of all the status of the search, upload and/or download for videos.

  1. LINE Live Sessions 1 – 3 Uploaded on MEGA, link can be found here.
  2. FLOW and Kimura-saaan Episodes can be found here. Also uploaded EP Zero, the first webisode right after the last WUS episode. Latest Episode is 10.
  3. ウチのガヤがすみません (Uchi No Gaya Ga Sumimasen)
  4. Utamaru – TBS Radip Program – Downloaded and Uploaded on MEGA
  5. Pittanko Kankan – Downloaded from an Arashi fan, with ENG SUBS
  6. NewsZero  – Downloaded from an Arashi fan, with ENG SUBS
  7. Kimura-saaan Hardsubbed by KayTea1113 and Ain Kimura is also updated here. Current Episode subbed is 07.



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